Sunday 28 July 2013

Light On The Mountains

    One of the main reasons we moved to McBride, was because I was drawn to the mountains that surround us.  I get great pleasure out of watching how the peaks change, depending on where you are looking from, and how the light is hitting them.  It is remarkable how the light changes their appearance.
    On Friday evening I was helping a friend working on a book that she originally wrote in Czech. From where they live, they have a nice view of what is locally known as “Beaver Mountain”.  As we worked, her husband interrupted us and told us to look out the window.  The top photo shows what the mountain looked like.  
    Then, maybe twenty minutes later, the lighting had changed to the middle photo.  The bottom photo was taken 30 minutes after the top one.   It all happened fairly rapidly, and provided quite a nice light show.

If you have the time, take a look at my paintings:

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