Tuesday 16 July 2013


    I had never heard of saskatoon berries until we moved to Canada.  I had had the pleasure of eating a few berries and pies, but we never had very many opportunities, because we never found any growing around our property.
    I always thought they tasted similar to blue berries, but with a fuller taste.  They are supposed to have more nutrients than blueberries.  They grow on small trees or bushes.  They are common across western Canada, and parts of the central northern states of the US.
    A couple of days ago in a conversation with our friends Jim and Abbie, we were told that they have a huge amount of saskatoons growing along an old lane on their property.  This seemed strange to me because they live just across the Fraser River from us.  They invited us to come and pick all the berries we wanted.
    Yesterday, was a beautiful warm and sunny day, and so we drove over to their place and were amazed at how many saskatoon berries that were growing on the low trees/bushes.  They were easy picking too.  No thorns  or bending over.
    We picked until it got boring, and then returned home with our harvest.  Joan hinted that there will be some kind of dessert coming my way later today.

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