Saturday 6 July 2013


    Today is cold and gray, with the light rain coming down.  I am wearing a polar fleece vest, because the house is cold.  I continue to limp around because of a twisted ankle which is now a week and a half old.  Over all, things seem to be conspiring to bring me down.  I thought maybe a bit of color might help lift my spirits, so today I chose this photo of a vibrant clematis.
    Clematis is a climbing vine which puts out big extraverted and colorful flowers.  I guess the plant originated in China, then because of its beauty in the 17th century it spread to Japan.  A hundred years later European gardeners were planting it.  I was surprised to learn that it is part of the buttercup family.
    We have a fence around our garden to keep the deer out, and we have several clematis plants growing up and clinging on the fence.  Our vines are 6 feet (2 metres) tall.

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