Saturday 27 July 2013

A Dream

    I dream quite a bit during my sleep.  Usually the dreams are quite interesting, if I remember them.  The other night I had one that was quite entertaining.  I dreamt I was back working in my old BC Forest Service office.  During the dream, I was aware that I had retired, but in the dream, the Ministry of Forests was having trouble getting its mapping done, and they had asked me to come back to help.
    Amazingly, in the dream, I did.  That was the set up in the dream.  What the dream really centered around was the fact that after two years of working back at the office, there really wasn’t any more maps to do, and I was extremely bored at being there.  My immediate supervisor, who I didn’t much like, was always trying to get me to do other projects, that I wasn’t at all interested in doing.  He was continually pestering me. 
    I decided that I was going to quit.  After all, I had already retired and had a pension, so I didn’t really need the extra money.  I decided that when the District Manager (the big boss of the office) came around, I was going to give him my 2 weeks notice.
    The District Manager did come around and I told him that I was giving my notice and was going to quit in two weeks.  The really interesting thing about this dream was who the District Manager was--
it was Barack Obama.
    I hope you appreciate all the work I had to go to so that you could see what my old Forestry workspace looked like.  I spent about 45 minutes, going through boxes of old photos trying to find a photo.  I failed.  So, I spent more time going through a box of old slides, but again, I couldn’t find any office photos.
    My last hope was some of my old videos.  Fortunately, I have my old video tapes partially organized, and while looking in my video notebook, found that in the 1999 tape, I had some clips taken at the old Ministry of Forests office.  Unfortunately, all the tapes were there except the 1999 one.  After shuffling around the papers on top of the filing cabinet, I found the 1999 tape.
    Since this was an old tape, I could only play it on my old camcorder, whose battery was long dead.  I plugged it in to recharge and finally got it going, but when I input the camcorder into the computer, I inadvertently used the wrong kind of cable, so I couldn’t get the image of the office onto my computer screen.  In desperation, I just used my present camera to take a photo of the image on the little camcorder screen.
    The photo looked all right until I got it onto my computer screen, then I saw that it was really full of colored dots.  By this time, I had found the correct cord for inputing the old camcorder into the computer.  I went back and got the 1999 tape, fired up the old camcorder, and this time, I successfully got the image onto the computer screen.  I again took my present camera, and took a photo of the office image that was displayed on my computer screen.  That is the photo you can see.

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