Friday 19 July 2013

It Finally Collapsed

    I have always been drawn to decaying buildings.  The sight of someone’s abandoned dream slowly, year by year, being returned to nature has always seemed symbolic of our fleeting existence.   I find old log structures especially interesting.  There are a lot of them scattered around the Robson Valley, most of them hidden amongst trees or in isolated drainages.  
    This one was sort of unique, in that it was sitting out in the open in a field and could be viewed from both Hwy 16 and Hinkelman Road, just east of McBride.  I have been watching it since we moved to this area in 1977.  It’s image was once used on the cover of the regional phone book back in the 1980’s.    Lately, it’s roof began to sag more and more.  I wondered how long it might last.  I was surprised it made it through the winter.  I took the photo above in May of this year.
    A week ago, when we passed it, I noticed that the roof had finally collapsed.  It looked as if the concrete chimney was probably pushed by the wind, leaned over too far, and fell, bringing down half of the roof with it.

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