Saturday 13 July 2013

CAPTURED: Marten #2

    I am pretty convinced that my theory that there was a marten family in the neighborhood is correct.  On Monday I blogged that I had caught an adolescent in the live trap, and this morning there was another skinny, long-legged one in the egg baited live trap that I had placed in the dog house.  This one was thinner than the previous one.  And as you can see, it didn’t even bother to eat the egg.
    Joan and I put the trap with the marten in the back of the truck and drove it out to a thickly wooded area even farther away from where I had dropped off marten # 1.  When I opened the trap it scampered off into the woods.  I hope it finds lots of things to eat out there so it can put on some weight.  They eat a lot of mice, and there are so many free ranging neighbor’s cats around our house I suspect the competition for mice is pretty great.
    I hope this is the end of our marten invasion, but I will continue to set the live trap.  Why not, I still have the egg.

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