Thursday 20 June 2013

Summer Solstice

    Tonight at 10:04 Pacific Time the Sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer, which is as far north as it is going to get.  This triggers the official start of summer and our longest day.  According to the stats, this morning the sun rose over the Robson Valley at 4:33 AM and will set tonight at 9:32 PM.  In reality, because of all the mountains, the rising and setting of the sun is curtailed.  I took this photo at 9:20 PM a week ago.
    I never really know how to react to the summer solstice.  On one hand, I welcome the official start of summer, but then I can’t help but be aware, that from now on, all the days will be getting shorter, as we move toward winter.  I’ve got to keep telling myself that we still have the warmest and sunniest days ahead of us, before we have to seriously consider winter.  Just the same, this morning I did finish splitting and stacking my first load of firewood.

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