Sunday 30 June 2013

Community Sanctioned Gluttony

    For as long as I have lived in the Robson Valley, the tiny hamlet of Dunster has used the Canada Day long weekend as an excuse for gluttony.  That is when they hold their annual Dunster Ice Cream Social.  It is a chance for locals to get their plates piled, as high as physically possible, with slices of pie, pieces of cake, all smothered with globs of ice cream.
    Of course, Joan and I only go to contribute to the Dunster fundraising effort, and only pile our plates high to show solidarity with all the other people there.  On my plate I had some chocolate pie, carrot cake, and a piece of blue berry pie, all covered over with scoops of vanilla ice cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I felt obligated to clean my plate.
    I am always happy to help Dunster raise money.

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