Saturday 1 June 2013

Adolescent Moose

    You may have noticed that I didn’t get around to putting a blog out yesterday.  I had myself a busy day, and just didn’t have the time. 
    Because it was the last day of May, we had to drive up to Prince George and pick up the three paintings that I had on display in the window of Speedee Printers.  During our 2.5 hour drive to Prince we saw 3 black bears and a wolf.
    When we arrived in PG, parked,  turned off the engine, and got out of the vehicle, we became aware of a strong smell of hot oil and a bit of white smoke drifting up from under the hood of the car.  Having just had a major service on the Subaru, and since we were back in Prince George, we quickly loaded up my paintings into the back of the car and headed over to the Subaru dealer.
    They took a look at the engine and tracked down the oil leak to a break in one gaskets that had been replaced during last week’s service.  As a result, we unexpectedly spent the next two hours sitting in the waiting room of the Subaru dealer, trying to pass the time.  We read all the Subaru brochures, and the auto dealer magazines, and a week old copy of the Prince George paper. 
    We ventured outside for a change of scenery, as our waiting dragged on and on.  We walked back and forth comparing the prices and features on all the 2013 and 2014 new Subaru’s on the lot.  The original time estimate of “half an hour to 45 minutes” was grossly wrong, and we were bored out of our skulls, by the time they had finally got done fixing our car.
    We then, did our usual stop and shop at Costco, after which we drove out to Canadian Tire and Home Depot to check out some products.  By 2:30, we had gassed up and were back on Hwy. 16 heading home to McBride.  Back at home, we unloaded all the things we bought, and ate a quick supper.  Then, even though we were both tired from our trip, we decided that we should force ourselves to go on a walk down our trail, for a bit of exercise and to clear our minds.
    When we got to the opening to the field, there standing in the grass was this young moose.  It is the best photo I have ever taken of a moose while walking the trail.  It stood and posed in the open field, allowing me to snap the picture before it ran off.  Usually my moose photos show the tail end of the animal obscured by trees, as it scampers off into the forest.  Seeing this one made me glad that I had made the effort to take the walk.
    I had previously made arrangements to help an acquaintance with a book last night.  She and her husband are originally from Czechoslovakia, from where they had escaped in 1979.  She had written a book about her escape and new life in Canada, which was published and written in Czech.  She wanted it in english, and asked me to help her smooth out the english translation.  So I dragged myself to their house and spent an interesting couple of hours helping her out with the first chapter.
    It was really nice to finally get back home after a long day.   But at least it had been a varied and interesting one, so the day had been worth all the effort it took to get everything done.

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