Wednesday 19 June 2013

Mountainview View

    We live on Mountainview Road.  When we first moved here the road was just a dirt road.  It might be more accurate to say it was a mud/dust road, depending on what the weather was doing.  Fortunately, the first part of the road was eventually paved, which made our life a lot better.
    McBride is located south of the Fraser River.   Mountainview Road, winds its way along the lower slopes of the Park Range of the Rocky Mountains, which lie on the north side of the Fraser.  As it gains elevation it gives some really wonderful views overlooking the Robson Valley.  
    Yesterday afternoon, I drove further up Mountainview Road to get some firewood.   On the way back, I stopped and took this photo at one of my favorite views.   The peaks in the background are part of the Dore River valley.

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