Wednesday 5 June 2013

Recycling Discoveries

    I have a big blue plastic recycling tub that sits beside my desk.  I put all of my scrap paper and junk mail in it.   The other day, I was taking some trash to the dump, and I noticed that my recycling tub was full of paper, so I carted it along to take it to the recycling bins at the waste depot.
    The paper products all go into the big recycling bin.  Normally, I just sort of sling the tub toward the opening in the bin, and the paper all goes shooting into the bin, but on this particular day, I decided instead just to put the scrap paper, a handful at a time, into the bin.   As it turned out, it was a good thing I did.
    I got the first few handfuls into the bin, when I suddenly uncovered two freshly washed towels, amongst the scrap paper in my tub.  That was strange.  I put the tub down and put the towels into the cab of the truck and went back to emptying my scrap paper.  I got a couple of more handfuls in the bin when I came across my tape measure, also hiding in my recycling tub.  I rescued that, and returned to my task only to find an old Forest Service patch that was also mixed in with my recycled paper.
    We have a clothes drying rack that we often set up in my office.  I suspect that when Joan was  taking the dried clothes off of the rack, she set the two towels aside intending to pick them up later.  Instead they got covered with scrap paper.  I probably put the tape measure and forestry patch on the ledge that sits right beside and above the recycle tub, and they had somehow got bumped  and fell in the tub with all the paper and got covered up.
    I think in the future I will continue to empty my recycling tub a handful at a time.  One can only imagine what other treasures I might find.  

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