Tuesday 18 June 2013

A Good Year for Lilacs

    All of the flowering trees seemed to have gone way beyond the call of duty in the Robson Valley this year.  Whenever we have driven into McBride, we have spotted beautiful colorful trees just overwhelmed with  flowers.  The lilac bushes too have been heavily laden with bloomd.  Most were in there prime a week or so ago, but our pink lilac is just now flowering.
    Culps, a family in Dunster, put on their annual lilac tour a couple of weekends ago.  They have 100 different varieties of lilacs on their beautifully situated farm, which is nestled beside the Fraser River.
    The small trumpet shaped flowers of the lilacs look dramatic when viewed from up close, and of course, when you get that close you are also surrounded by the sweet perfume that they produce.

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