Monday 3 June 2013

June Weather

    Even though June has just arrived, in the central interior of BC, we have been experiencing what I usually think of as “June weather” for a couple of weeks now.  For me, June weather is something that changes every 20 minutes.  We get sunshine, which is followed by showers, then its warm and sunny again for a while, followed by more showers.  All the plants love it and because I am someone who likes to take photos of interesting lighting, it gives me a lot of opportunity for photography.
    This is a photo I took during our afternoon walk.  Shortly after we got back home, we got rain showers, and even a bit of hail.  Normally we get this kind of weather through June and into part of July, then the weather tends to stabilize and in the rest of July and August we get hot sunny weather.
    At least that is the way the weather patterns used to work.  Like in the rest of the world, BC’s normal weather patterns are not as reliable as they once were, but at least so far this year, except for an extremely hot week at the beginning of May, things seem to be happening the way they used to.

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