Saturday 29 June 2013

Lady Bug, Lady Bug

    A couple of weeks ago, as I was trying to combat an infestation of aphids on our plum tree, I was bemoaning the fact that for about 15 years, I haven’t seen any lady bugs around here.   We used to see them, but they seemed to have disappeared.  I was thinking about them because they eat aphids, and in some places you can buy them to put in your garden.
    Yesterday, I was weeding the garden, while Joan was inspecting her rose plants.  She called out to me to get my camera, because there was a lady bug on one of her rose plants.  Sure enough, there was.  I was very happy to see the little critter as I snapped her picture.
    Eager to get the bug over to the plum tree, I gently picked it up and began to carry it over to the plum tree.  It crawled up from my palm and sat on the top of my hand, and then the strap from my camera happened to sway over my hand and knocked the lady bug somewhere off into the grass.  There was no way I could find it amongst all the blades of grass, so there I left it.  
    I was angry with myself, for trying to manipulate where she should eat, and as a result I may have harmed it.  I only hope that it is okay and thriving.

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