Tuesday 25 June 2013

Goat River Trail Workday

    On Sunday, I joined 3 others and went out to the Goat River to work on the upper Goat RIver Trail.  My first task was putting a spring on the outhouse door, so it would hold itself shut,   Once I had the spring on, I joined the others who were clearing the side of the road that had grown in with young cottonwood and willow trees.  We did this so we could get the pickup as close as possible to the trail, because we had to carry boards down the trail, so we could build some boardwalks over a muddy section.
    While Roy and Al worked on dismantling the old boardwalk that was starting to rot, Juan (a guy from Madrid), and I hiked down to the cable car crossing to see how it survived the winter.  It seemed to be in good shape, so I took some photos of it and we hiked back and joined in the boardwalk construction. 
    I was pretty beat by the time we packed up the tools and headed back to the truck.  I was looking forward to being able to sit on the 45 minute drive back to McBride.  I didn’t move around much that evening after I got back home.

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