Monday 18 February 2013


   I really don’t use up paint very quickly, but it seems that every time I go into an art supply store, I end up buying a tube of some color I don’t have.  As a result, I have quite an accumulation of acrylics.
    I am sometimes asked which brand of paint I use, and I really don’t pay much attention to brand, I usually buy paint by the color, so I have several different brands in my collection.
     I am usually shocked when I see some artist on TV squeeze out a half a tube of paint at a time, on his palette.  I use just a little dab at a time, but then, I am only painting a little 2 inch square at a time.
    I go through Titanium white faster than any other color.  Second, would be Paine’s gray, which I use instead of black.  The use of other colors pretty much depends on the image I am painting.  If its some plant I use a lot of greens, if there is a big sky its all the different blues that get used up.
    I am always mixing colors, I rarely use a color straight from the tube.  White is the exception.  I usually need pure white to make the bright highlights.  The “blacks” in my paintings are always Paine’s Gray mixed with some other dark color.
    There, now you know all of my secrets.

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