Saturday 16 February 2013

Forgotten Apples

    I wonder how many times I have remembered these apples, and then forgot them again.  This whole episode began way back in October, when Joan was coming back from Hawaii.  I was going to drive up to Prince George to pick her up at the airport, and then bring her back home to McBride.  I always like to take some snacks to eat along the way, for the trip home,  so I grabbed two apples, and put them into the cloth bag that hangs behind the driver’s seat.  Joan always keeps things like paper towels, hand cleaner, and a few first aid things there in the bag.
    I got Joan, and we drove home, but I totally forgot about the apples, so they remained in the bag.  Time passed.  The weather got below freezing, and above freezing, below again, and above again, and the apples stayed where they were.  Periodically, I would remember that I put them in the car, and we never ate them, and that I should retrieve them, before they started to deteriorate to the point where they messed up everything in the bag, but then, I would go on to think of something else, and totally forgot about them again.
    This morning, the temperature was +3C, just above freezing, and the outside of the car was really filthy with dirt, so I thought it might be a good time to wash the car.  I backed it out into the driveway, and, at that time, I happened to remember the apples again.  I hesitantly started emptying the bag, afraid of what I might encounter, and there they were.  They were soft, but luckily the skin had remained intact and had not started to really rot.  Everything else in the bag was still okay.
    Now, the two traveling apples are sitting in the compost pile, waiting to be devoured by the first lucky deer to come along.  I am  glad I finally did remembered and removed them before the temperatures  started to get really warm. 
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