Wednesday 6 February 2013

Compost Diners

   We had just stepped outside, ready to begin our walk on the trail, when we noticed a herd of mule deer making there way out of the woods and onto our yard.  I knew immediately what they were wanting.  I had just put the bucket of food scraps on the carport, so I could take it out to the compost pile on our return from our walk.  Seeing the deer made me change my plans immediately.
    I went to the carport, grabbed the bucket and walked it out to the compost pile and dumped it.  Two deer were already rounding the house and headed in my direction.  So determined were they, that they didn’t mind the fact that I was standing 10 feet away.  They saw the lettuce leaves and banana peels on top of the pile and moved eagerly toward their goal.  Yum, banana peels.

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