Thursday 21 February 2013

Brad Strang

   A month ago, I didn’t even know Brad, but I heard him talking to someone else about wanting to find people to play music with, and luckily, I jumped into the conversation.  Since that encounter, I and others have been jamming with Brad on a weekly basis, and music has once again, regained a prominent part of my life, as I learn new songs, and try to remember how I played the old ones.
    Brad is a very talented musician who is amazingly diverse in the instruments he can play; guitar, banjo, viola, harmonica, and bass to name a few.  He is also a song writer and has produced an album, “Blue Mountain Rush” on which he wrote all the songs and played all the instruments.  He is very serious about recording, and the photo shows him sitting in front of his “recording studio”.
    Brad, I think, has only lived in McBride for over a year.  Although I hadn’t met him, I was aware of a new resident, because I started to notice, big humorous carvings at the Whistlestop Gallery.  Brad is also a creative chainsaw carver.  Below is a trailer full of his three dimensional works.

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