Friday 8 February 2013

Litter Box

    The photo shows Lucifer in one of her favorite places.  She loves her litter box.  Often in the summer, when she spends most of her time outside, upon coming into the house, she heads straight for the litter box.  
    We keep her box in the laundry room which is next to Joan’s office.  Last night, Joan went into her office shortly after Lucifer had gone into her litter box.  Joan complained that the smell was seeping into her office, so she carried the litter box outside to the carport, and then opened the window in her office to dissipate the smell.
    A couple of hours later, before I went to bed, I went outside and cleaned out Lucifer’s box and brought it back into the house.  It only took  a nanosecond after I returned it back to it’s place on the floor, before Lucifer went into it, not wanting the clean box to go unappreciated.  
    This morning, when I got up, I noticed that the house was unusually chilly.  I quickly restarted the fire in the wood stove.  A few minutes later I found out why the house had cooled down so much over night...Joan had forgotten to close the window in her office and it spent the night refreshing the air in the house.

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