Tuesday 20 June 2023

"Zion Tree" Painting Finished

    Yesterday I had the last square of this painting to paint.  I mixed my first color, but then the power went out and my computer went down and the lights went out, so I couldn’t finish it, but today everything was back to normal and I completed “Zion Tree”

    The image is one that of a Cottonwood tree that I once saw on a visit to Zion National Park in the US.  I had taken a photo of it and it had been one of my favorite images for years.  I always thought that one day I would like to paint it and finally did.  The skeleton of the tree standing against the massive sandstone rock cliff, was a slow paint, requiring a lot of color mixing.  I started painting it in September and the 24” X 36” (60cm X 90cm) canvas took me 205 hours to paint.

You can view my other paintings at:  davidmarchant2.ca


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