Wednesday 28 June 2023

HowTo Get A Washtub Bass To The Jam

    Realistically, I guess there are multiple ways a washtub bass can be transported to the jam, but we were surprised to see the mode of transportation that Lennie has chosen.  Luckily, Lennie’s washtub bass is easy to deconstruct for traveling in the small trailer.  Lennie travels 2 miles (4 kms) to get to the jam.

    Like most of our group, I always have to drive my car because of all of the instruments, music stands, and amplifiers I need to take, but our fiddler can just strap the fiddle across her back, put her dog on a leash, and peddle in on her bicycle.

    I am always surprise when I watch Ernie, who makes the hour long drive from Valemount to come to the jam, unload his car, because of all of the amps, guitars, and guitar accessories, he manages to stuff inside his very small day-glo yellow, electric car.  

    However, they get there, I am always happy that they made the effort to gather together to play some music.

    Below is a photo showing Lennie playing his bass.

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