Sunday 4 June 2023

Yesterday's Pioneer Days Parade


    Yesterday McBride had the big Pioneer Day’s Parade.  It seemed longer and more festive than normal, and the crowds bigger.  As usual, it began with the ear-piercing sirens and flashing lights of the fire engines and RCMP vehicles, then settled down to the candy-throwing floats, antique cars, motorcycles, and tractors, finishing up with the horses and riders.

    I think the float above was created by one of the groups from the high school reunion, that was taking place during Pioneer Days.  It did have a sign on the front that said something about “The 90’s”.  I was impressed at all of the balloons that had to be blown up, and all of the other work that had to be done for the float.

    Amidst the motorcycles was this shrimpy looking “hog” that had “Dinky Toy” on it’s license plate.  It had an surprisingly loud Harley-sounding engine.

    One of the big mysteries of the parade was this group of official looking uniformed horse riders.  I, and many other observers were puzzled as to who they represented.  I thought maybe some back-country park officials that had been newly established, because I was not aware of them.

    After the parade was finished, I walked over to where they were milling around on their steeds and asked.  I was told that their official looking uniforms and hats were just costumes.  They sure had me fooled.


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