Monday 12 June 2023

Some Ducklings

    Years ago I built my pond to create habitat for wildlife, so it was rewarding this morning, when Kona and I were walking around the pond, to see that there had been a new family born on the pond.  I saw a mother Mallard and her six ducklings swimming around.  I often have broods of baby ducks born on the pond, but I don’t recall seeing any last year, so I was happy to see them today.

    Many years ago I had broods of Wood Ducks born.  Wood Ducks nest in trees and I was able to watch the little ducklings, just balls of fluff, jump from their nesting box high on a tree, and gently fall down to their mother who was calling them from the ground.

    It would be thrilling to see Wood Duck babies again, but I am content at just seeing some young Mallards.

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