Tuesday 6 June 2023

June Flowers, Frosted

    We had a slight frost last night.  This morning, when I noticed, I immediately sprayed the vegetable garden with water.  That will often save the plants, if the frost wasn’t too hard.  The frost hit harder in my pasture, putting little ice crystals on the edges of the leaves.  Above shows a Wild Rose bush with crusty leaves.

    Below is a photo of a Lupine with frosty leaves.  Both the Wild Rose and Lupine plants are tough and won’t be harmed by the frost we had.  Some of the vegetables in the garden, like beans, are more tender, but I hope my spraying them will help them survive.  

    Getting a frost in June is not unheard of in the Robson Valley.  In 1985 there was a hard frost on June 10th, and then again on June 17th.  That did wipe out a lot of the plants I had planted in my garden.

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