Saturday 3 June 2023

Pioneer Days Today

    Today our tiny community will celebrate “Pioneer Days” with activities typical of a small town.  There will be a parade down Main Street that will look pretty much like the photo above, taken in 2016.  There will be a Softball tournament, Pancake Breakfast, Logger events, Face Painting, a Rock, Paper, Scissors Contest, and a dance.  Along with this years Pioneer Days there will be a High School Reunion which is not graduation year specific.

    For me, the big event will be an opportunity for our Tuesday Night Jam to play.  We have done so previously for past Pioneer Days, but our numbers keep changing because of people moving away and new ones added, but hopefully we will put out some lively tunes.   I have my truck all loaded with a PA system, music stands, and my guitar and mandolin.  We will start playing in the park pavilion at 12:30 today.  Photo below from 2017.

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