Friday 9 June 2023

Yikes, Look at the Bachelor Buttons

    Yesterday I was out cutting the high weeds in our paddock in order to reduce the fire hazard around our house.  I was surprised to see hundreds of Bachelor Buttons profusely growing everywhere.  We used to have them in a flower garden, but obviously they didn’t care for the restricted area they were growing in, and decided to give the outside world a try.  The outside world seems to have worked out well for them, because now they are growing freely without restraint in a wooded area beside the paddock. 

    I haven’t read that they are invasive plants, but certainly are looking like it around here.

    Bachelor Buttons, or “Corn Flowers” (Centaurea cyanus) originated in Europe.  They were given the name “Corn Flowers” because they often grew in corn fields (“Corn” at the time referred to “grain’).  They were brought to the Americas as a decorative flowering plant.  They are still advertised by garden centers.

    After seeing how freely they are spreading on our property, I was surprised to see a website offering information about “How to Grow Them”.  They certainly don’t seem to need any human help in growing.

    Bachelor Buttons are very popular with the local bees.

    Below is a closeup of their deep blue flower.

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