Sunday 18 June 2023

A Little Music at Dunster

    Our Jam was asked to play for the season opening of the Dunster Museum yesterday.  We are always eager to play music so seven of us packed up our instruments for an hour’s worth of playing.  It was a coolish overcast day yesterday, and just before we began to play a few sprinkles began to fall from the sky, so we set up and did our playing clumped together under a small tent.  Luckily, the few drops that came down never materialized into a real shower.

    I always need something to worry about and yesterday it was the use of a sound system.  During our weekly music sessions we don’t use any microphones, but they are needed when we play outside, so we used several of them at Dunster.  The whole time we were playing I was worried about the volume level and what it sounded like to the audience, but it seems that our volume balance was good according to the reports I got later.

    I know that I need practice using a mike and I am considering to start using a PA system on the porch of the McBride Train Station, where we play every Tuesday evening.  Of course that means I will have to start dragging microphones, mike stands, cables, a PA amp, and speakers along with my mandolin and guitar, and I already have to take all of our music stands and books to our sessions.  If I decide to take my electric guitar, I have to add it and amplifier to the load.  In university when I was in a rock band, it was hauling around all of the equipment that finally just became too much of a hassle.  It is starting to feel like deja vu all over again.

    Before we began our playing yesterday,  there was a group of beginner drummers who were sitting in a circle having their first lesson.

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