Sunday 31 October 2021

Swiss Chard Stalk

    We are in the midst of cold clear weather.  The temperature yesterday overnight was -12°C (10°F) and even though it just got a bit above freezing during the day, it was a very sunny and beautiful day.  It was a Work Day at the community garden; time to clear out everything from the planting boxes.  Seven of us came out in the chill of the morning to do the work.

    We still a lot of beets, carrots, and kale in our box that needed to be harvested or discarded in the compost pile.  There was a couple of inches of frost on the soil and I had to use a garden fork to loosen up the carrots, and really pull hard to get some of the massive roots of the other plants out.

    I wasn’t expecting to see anything beautiful amongst all of our frozen vegetable plants, but I was delighted upon seeing this Swiss Chard, with the sunshine backlighting the brilliant orange stalks and curled leaves with their frosted edges.

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