Wednesday 27 October 2021

Our Patient Dog

    Kona is a high maintenance dog.  She demands our constant attention, which often drives us crazy because we have other things we need to do.  She is not a very trustworthy dog when she is outside, because her very keen sense of smell causes her to instantly streak off in search of the deer, mice, or a squirrel that she smells.  

    While I am working on something outside, it would be nice to have Kona out there with me, because we know she loves to be out of doors, but if we have to have her constantly on a leash so she doesn’t run off into the woods, its difficult for me to work on whatever I need to do.

    The gardening is not a problem because the garden is fenced and while I am working in the garden, Kona is happy to be inside the garden, sniffing around the perimeter for mice.

    We have a squirrel living in the shop.  In the past, squirrels have made a mess of the inside, causing me to spent a lot of time sealing up all of the cracks and crevasses to prevent the pests from getting in, but it seems I failed.  While I hate having a squirrel in the barn, I have now found a bright side to the shop/squirrel problem.

    When Kona followed me into the shop one day, she discovered the presence of the squirrel.  Ever since then, she loves nothing more than sitting in the shop, hours at a time, watching and waiting for the squirrel. 

    Now when I have some job to do outside, I just open the shop door and let Kona into the shop.  She sits there, and sits there, and sits there, patiently watching the shop squirrel, while I get on with my outside job.

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