Thursday 28 October 2021

Northern Flying Squirrel

    Flying Squirrels; now there is something you don’t see every day:  In fact, it would be pretty amazing if you did, because they only come out at night, when it’s dark. 

    The other night when I was giving Kona her final walk, we got close to the piece of wood I have hanging from a willow tree, where I put peanut butter in the holes for the birds to eat.  Kona sensed a presence, and as we approached, I heard a scrambling up the bark of the tree.  I knew it was a flying squirrel right away because 20 years ago I took some pictures of one that was eating the peanut butter.  

    I used my camcorder with night vision and using it I fortunately got some photos.   Because Flying Squirrels are nocturnal, they have very big eyes with very effective retinas that really reflect the light, which in the photos make the eyes look like headlights.  They have a very fluffy tail.

    The other night I really couldn’t see where the squirrel was, in the tree, but as Kona and I walked toward the house, I saw the squirrel silently glide 15 feet (4.5m) through the air, across the driveway to a willow tree on the other side.  I was a remarkable thing to see.  

    I will be keeping my eye out for the Flying Squirrel from now on when I do that last dog walk.

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