Monday 5 April 2021

Water, Water, Everywhere

     I have mentioned before in the blog that as a result of all of the rain we got last year, that the hydrology around our place has changed.  Water from underground sources began to form puddles or springs.  Last fall when a lot of this water started showing itself, I had hoped that through the winter they might disappear, however that wasn’t the case, and now with the melting of snow adding more water, all of those water bodies have actually gotten bigger.

    The photo above shows the huge puddle outside my barn.  If it would have just formed outside the barn that would have been alright, but unfortunately, inside the barn, the floor looks a lot like the outside.  Over the years some cracks appeared on the cement pad that is the floor of my shop.  Now water is seeping though those cracks forming a big puddle across the floor of my shop. 

We have a root cellar under our house, during the winter, when I had to go in there I discovered a 7 inches  pool of water covering the floor.  I I decided to wait until spring, hoping the ground water level would diminish before pumping it out.  I know that hasn’t happened and wonder if it ever will.

    At this point all I can do is hope that once the snow has all melted around our place that we will have a dry period that will slow all of this water down.  Of course there is still a lot of snow to melt on the mountain top above us.

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  1. A trip up the hill behind the barn will probably show you a new avenue water is following than it had before. You may need to make a berm above it to turn the water away into a suitable area.