Sunday 18 April 2021

How Quickly I Am Spoiled

    I guess I am just like one of Pavlov’s dogs.  Pavlov would ring a bell, then immediately feed the dogs.  After a while whenever the bell was rung, the dogs began to salivate, waiting for the food.  Repetition works on Kona too.  If we do something at about the same time for three days in a row, then to Kona, it becomes something that she expects to happen for the rest of eternity. 
    For about a week, we have had beautiful, clear, warm, sunny days.  I would wake up to a day, pristine and perfect.  The following day I would wake up to the same thing, and the next day the same, and the next the same again.  This morning I woke up to an overcast sky and snow falling on the mountain ranges and my first reaction was:  “What?  Where is the Sun?” 
     How quickly I am spoiled.  In my defense, it did seem like we were owed a bit more actual Spring-like weather after the long cool dreary Spring we had experienced.
    The weather front did provide an interesting experience this morning as I lay half asleep in bed.  Things were still, then I begin to hear a bit of a roar, which gradually intensified until small branches starting to bang on our metal roof, and other things started to bang around as the wind increased in strength.  It wasn’t gusts, but just a very long, increasingly strong sustained wind.  I almost began to panic because I wasn’t sure it was going to stop, but finally it did, but a cool gray day has been left behind.

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