Tuesday 27 April 2021

Wait Fox, Let Me Get A Photo

     This morning as I walked into the living room, half asleep, with my bowl of cereal in my hand, I glanced up to see a beautiful fox, red with black, strolling through the pasture toward the house.  I quickly put my bowl down on the coffee table and rushed for my camera which was on the kitchen counter.  By the time I had it in my hand ready to shoot, the fox was past the house and heading through the gate for the woods.  As you can see I did manage to get a photo, although not a very good one.  

    I had spotted the same fox during the winter when there was snow on the ground and it was difficult to get a good photo of it then also, because the fox kept on truckin’ eager to be on its way.  It is always reassuring to know that the fox is still around; out there eating mice.

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