Thursday 29 April 2021

Deer Topiary


    During the winter the deer often dine on shrubs, out in the bush and around the houses.  They can really make an impact on how the plant looks.  The cedar decorative shrub you see in the photo below once grew by our front porch.  About fifteen winters ago, the deer ate all of the tree’s lower branches, leaving only the few on the top of the tree, those that they couldn’t reach.

    The cedar looked very pitiful but I had mercy on it, so I dug it up and transplanted it down by my pond, not knowing if it would survive or not with so little greenery left.  As you can see it did survive, although it still looks pretty ridiculous, with its very long naked trunk supporting its small green top.  That cedar, and the chewed-up ornamental shrubs in town, inspired the cartoon.

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