Sunday 25 April 2021

Donkey Work

     The other day when I was carting this load of firewood up to where it will be stacked, I began wondering about just how many hours of my life I have spent doing “Donkey Work,” acting as a beast of burden, dragging a load of something or other, behind me.  Having a hobby farm has sure meant lugging a lot of things from one place to another.   It seems like I am always attached to a cart or wheelbarrow, pushing or pulling firewood, manure, compost, fence posts, yard debris, tools; always something.  

    I have resisted getting a small tractor for the jobs because, even though I sometimes complain and I know a machine would make things quicker and easier, this donkey work does give me exercise and is more friendly to the atmosphere.  I just hope that I will last as long as my cart and wheelbarrow.

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