Sunday 11 April 2021

Kona is Going to Miss the Snow

    While I have had enough of the white stuff for the year, Kona will certainly miss the snow when it is gone.  The snow seems to energize her, she romps, jumps, sprints across it, scooping up mouthfuls, as she runs.  Snow brings her joy.

    While this is sort of a goofy looking photo of Kona, it shows her leaping up after eating some snow.  You can still see a bit of snow in her mouth, and the clump she was eating, on her paw.

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  1. She looks a little electrified. Thanks.

  2. A great shot of an equally great dog. There is an irony, admittedly, in your voluntarily acquiring a dog who -- while you are growing ever-so weary of snow -- is reveling in its existence. Such are the results of our decisions: such is Life.