Wednesday 21 April 2021

Spread Jam

    We couldn’t help but take advantage of the summer-like weather by getting the Tuesday Night Jam out of hibernation for some playing.  It was a last minute decision to meet, so not all of our musicians could make it.  We hadn’t played together since the fall, and I’m sure everyone was missing the music as much as I was.  

    Since Covid is still around, we all spread out on the train station porch to play like we did last summer.  Last night was better than our summer jams because there wasn’t any rain and only one reported mosquito.  It is more difficult to hear each other outside and spread out, but it still worked.

    As the evening progressed it began to cool off, causing some of us to dart to our cars for coats and hats, but that didn’t slow slow the music down.   It was so good to play as a group again, even though some of our songs were sounding pretty rusty.  

    Since we last played I had been trying to play a bit every day at home, but mostly just with my guitar, ignoring my mandolin.  Last night on the songs I usually played with mandolin, I would suddenly come upon a chord and not remember how it was fingered, which was a bit of a shock, knowing I had played some of those songs a hundred times.  There were a couple of songs that I couldn’t quite remember the melody for singing, which was also frustrating.  It’s one of those cases of “Use it, or Lose it.”

    We will continue to meet on the porch Tuesday nights weather permitting. 

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  1. Don't be too concerned , I have heard from others as well , that such things are happening to a lot of people.
    After all, it is the first time for awhile.