Thursday 1 April 2021

Two Eagles

        We have been noticing these two Bald Eagles hanging out along the Fraser River as we drive to town.  Yesterday on our trip they were sitting on the branches of a Cottonwood tree right beside the road so I stopped and took some photos.  The one with the white head is an adult and the raggedy-looking one, an immature.   They must be able to glean some food from some of the open water areas of the river because, like I said, they have been hanging around in the same spot.
        Over the last couple of days I have been reading in the news that in the US the Bald Eagles have made a remarkable comeback after being close to extinction decades ago.


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  1. Nice shots of the eagles! They are hanging around in that spot because there's a deer carcass very close to the sand on the townside of the river - parts are out of the water. Meals are easy for them right now. :-)