Saturday 24 April 2021

Oh No, I Forgot

     For a couple of weeks now I have been taking my tomato plants out to the greenhouse so they can enjoy the heat and sunlight during the day, and because my greenhouse is unheated, I carry them back to the house so they stay warm during our below-freezing nights.  I put the flats of tomato plants in a cart to wheel them to the house.  Once there, I unload them up onto the deck, then take off my muddy boots, go into the house, go to the deck, and carry them inside.

      That’s what I did Thursday evening, except after I had taken them out of the cart and put them on the deck, I went off to do something else, and totally forgot about them.  Thursday night it got down to -6C (21F) and when I happened to walk around to the back of the house yesterday, I came upon the scene you see in the photo—frozen tomato plants.  What a horrible sight after all the time I spent growing them.

    Not all of my tomato plants were killed, fortunately about half of them were sitting on the deck table which is under the balcony, where they got some protection, and most of those survived, but I lost about 40 tomato plants and all of my chili pepper plants.  It is the worst thing to happen to my tomatoes and peppers in the decades I have been growing them.

    I called my friend David to tell him of my unfortunate event, and luckily, he has a lot of extra tomato plants that he will give me, so I should still be able to fill the tomato bed in the greenhouse with tomatoes.

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  1. If you didn't pitch them yet , they may come back from the root ball in ground.