Sunday, 16 February 2020

Snow Depth

    Every winter I go out and measure how much snow is on the ground.  This is very unscientific since I don’t always do it on the same day, and although I try to measure it in about the same place, when you have nothing but a flat expanse of snow it’s hard to tell where exactly you measured it the previous year.      
    If you look at the left side of the ruler in the photo you will see that we have 26 inches (66cm) on the ground.  This is just in this one place, in other places that get more wind or get more sunlight there is probably less, and in places where snow drifts build up, there is probably more.  A friend who always measures the depth of snow on her deck before she shovels it off, calculated the total snow that fell so far this year is 5 ft (1.5 meters)
    Twenty-six inches is about normal for my pasture, where I measure, compared to other years.

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