Saturday, 22 February 2020

A Streak of Sunshine

    This morning when I walked out to fill the bird feeder the scene was all in the shadow of clouds except for a streak of sunshine that was stretching across the Cariboo Mountains, highlighting the lower  slopes.  We have been getting a lot of snowfalls lately, not big ones, but an inch or two at a time.  
    I have been trying to prevent the build up on my driveway as much as I can, but these little snowfalls are not enough to use the snowblower, and so I shovel.  Often they are not even enough to warrant shoveling so I leave it, then whenever we use the car, the snow gets compacted into ice.

    When things do begin to melt around here, that compacted ice will become really slippery making our sloped driveway difficult to use.

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  1. I don't know if you save your wood ashes, but they make a great "make it go" under your tires if you can't make it up a hill.
    As long as you don't burn wood with nails in it.:)