Friday, 7 February 2020

In Just A Minute

    I know that people from away who read this blog and hear me talk about the cold, snow, and long winters, probably ask themselves, “Why in the world does he live up there?”  and honestly sometimes I ask myself the same question, but there are rewards.  
    Fifteen minutes ago, I got up from painting and happened to look out the balcony window and saw the shadows of clouds stretched across the sunlit mountains.  I thought I’d take a photo of it, so walked down stairs to get my camera.  As I reached for my camera, I glanced  out the kitchen window and saw a deer just beyond the porch.     
    I went back upstairs with my camera and took the mountain photo, then went back down to take a photo of the deer, but it had moved and had been joined by another deer, so I took that photo.  Then I noticed a Downy woodpecker eating fat I had hung on a tree, so I took a photo of it. 
    I took all three of the photos you see within a minute.  Of course there are plenty of times when there is nothing photo-worthy to observe, but quite often the sights come in clumps.  These kinds of experiences are why I really love this place.

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  1. We don't wonder why you live there. It is gorgeous. We have a lot of the things you have, but not quite as cold,where we are.
    Our house is way off the road in about the middle of our 75 wooded acres. Love all your photos and finds.