Sunday 9 June 2019

Oregano, Just In Time

    Every year we get oregano from the garden and dry it.  Every Friday we use that oregano when we make our pizza.  Last year I either didn’t harvest enough, or we used more than usual, because at present we are down to less than a teaspoon of oregano.  Fortunately, the oregano in the garden is getting big enough to harvest.
    That’s what I did yesterday, I cut off the tips of the plant and put it in the drier, so by next Friday it will be dry and we will have enough to season our pizza. 

    The photo above is a small patch or oregano that went feral and is growing in the woods adjacent to our garden.  I don’t know how it managed to escape.  It is from some oregano that we grew many years ago.  We hadn’t grown any oregano for years, when I came upon this “wild” bunch.

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