Monday 17 June 2019

Buttercup Season

    Flowering plants all have their own season.  They are timed to come out at a certain time each year.  For many, their time to bloom is set to the length of daylight.  At present, now that the dandelions have come and gone, I have been noticing that the Buttercups are in bloom.  The yellowish specks you see in the photo above are Meadow Buttercups.  Buttercups are pest plants by the farming community, because most animals won’t eat them.  
    The photo below show the Buttercups that grow in my yard.  I’m not sure if they are a different species or just the Meadow Buttercups that have learned to grow low to the ground because of the lawn mower.  They are not tall and leggy like the Meadow Buttercup.  Because they are a short plant, they  make a fair looking ground cover.

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