Tuesday 11 June 2019

A String of Caterpillars

    When you walk under one of our deciduous trees these days, you have to be careful because you may entangle yourself in a web of minuscule caterpillars.  These tiny creatures are Leaf Miners, which eat and tunnel their way through the narrow layer which separates the top and bottom surface the leaves.  They are presently making their way down to the ground on individual strands of web, or in a convoy on a single strand (photo above).
    Because they are so small they don’t seem as threatening at tent caterpillars, which bring a lot of “icky” factor with them.
    You can see from the photo below, just how tiny they are.

You can see a painting I did of called "Aspen Leaves" which shows the tracks
leaf miners made through leaves by going to:  davidmarchant2.ca

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  1. Have never seen that , very interesting. Though I have seen the circle of web worms on the side of a cherry tree. Not sure if they were making there way up or what.