Friday 21 June 2019

Lupines Again

    I strive to have an interesting or beautiful photo for my blog every day, and often I don’t have anything to show.  That was the case today, I had nothing, but fortunately I can take a walk around my pond to find a subject to photograph.  I did that a few moments ago and came up with a few nice shots of some of the plants I saw.  Today I am showing you some of my Lupines.   I also saw a few other nice plant images for future blogs.
    Lupines are now in full bloom and although I have taken hundreds of photos of the long bean-like blooms, I always come back for more.  Here are the Lupine photos I took this morning.

Take a look at my paintings (including a Lupine) at:

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  1. Do Lupines have a smell? They are probably the most beautiful flower I can think of.