Tuesday 4 June 2019

Lucifer Rescue

    When we left to go to the Pioneer Day Parade on Saturday morning, our cat Lucifer wanted to be outside, so that’s where we left her.  She didn’t greet us when we returned, but since it warmed up she has been spending most of the day outside.  
    In the afternoon, my wife was sitting out on the lanai and thought she heard Lucifer softly meowing.  Upon following the sound she spotted the cat 24 ft. (7.3m) up in a tree.  When she was younger she had once climbed much higher in tree and I had to rescue her using an extension ladder on the back of a pickup and holding a long board with a platform on top, to extend my reach.  It was harrowing.
    Since that experience Lucifer has not ventured very high up in a tree, but I suspect on Saturday when we were gone, something (probably a bear) came into the yard, and she scrambled up the tree to be safe.  At any rate there she was, and she was afraid to come down.
    Fortunately we had had our willow trees topped, so she could only go up so high, and by standing at the top of an extension ladder I was able to reach her.   She has been extra affectionate since the rescue, and isn’t keen to go outside, unless we are out there.

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  1. I am pretty sure if I had seen a bear...I wouldn't want to go back outside either. But I also doubt I'd make it up that tree that far either...but, I haven't seen the bear, so who knows, I might.