Wednesday 26 June 2019

Jam Night

    All week long I look forward to Tuesday night.  That’s when we meet at the McBride Library and have our music jam.  I always find it very enjoyable.  It is an open jam and anyone can come.  Last night I had this photo taken of the musicians, and the people you see are pretty much the regulars, but the participants vary from week to week.
    Last night the instruments include several guitars, a lap steel guitar, mandolin, a bass, an accordion, drum, tambourine, ukulele, and piano.  We go around the group and everyone takes turns choosing songs to do.  
    Here are some of the songs we played:
        Will the Circle be Unbroken (traditional)
        Heart of Gold (Neil Young)
        Country Road (John Denver)
        Blue No More (Buddy Guy)
        Keep on the Sunny Side (Traditional)
        Sweet Georgia Brown
        For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
        They’re Going to Put Me in the Movies (Beatle’s Version)
        Whiskey on a Sunday (Irish song)
        Five Foot Two 
        Blues Stay Away From Me
        Behind the Clouds (Brad Paisley)
        Bartender Blues (James Taylor)
        Christmas (The Eagles)
    The jam starts at 7:00 and goes until 9:00, so we only have two hours.  We take full advantage of the time and play straight through without taking any breaks.  
    Now I only have seven more days until we can do it again.

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