Friday 24 May 2019

They Hung Me From a Lamp Post

    Excuse the over-dramatic headline, but I am excited.  They hung up some new banners in town yesterday and they feature a photo of me and my friend Jim, walking through the Ancient Forest.  
    Last July I ran into Matthew Wheeler, an amazing local photographer, and he told me he was done putting in his hay, and wondered if I was interested in doing an “art trip” to the Ancient Forest.  Of course I was, so we contacted Jim, a mutual art council friend from the past, and arranged the trip.
    It is always an inspiring experience to wander through the Ancient Forest, and we went crazy taking photos. Jim and I left eventually left Matthew behind on the trail because he is such a perfectionist that it always takes him longer to take photos.   Anyway we all had a great hike, and we all came home with lots of pictures.
    The photo you see on the lamp post is one of Matthew’s.  He told me about the banners last week, but it was still a surprise to see them up against the blue sky as I walked down the sidewalks of McBride.  That’s me in the red shirt.
    Below is a group photo of the three of us that I took on our trip last July.  Matthew is the guy fiddling with the camera and Jim is in the white shirt.

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  1. Well now, how cool is that!
    Great photo ,as well, of your backsides. Perfect for the banner.
    Very good advertisement!